Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Who Left These Ruins Here?


 Petra, Jordan

Every sci-fi or fantasy setting needs at least one precursor civilization.  

Here's some tables to generate one.


 Technological Level: (1d6)

1- Mohenjo-Daro - metalworking, basic plumbing, irrigation

2- Han Dynasty / Ancient Rome - concrete, ironworking, waterwheel power

3- Song Dynasty - gunpowder, printing press

4- Industrial Era - motorized transportation, mass production

5- Digital - electronic communications, computers

6- Futuristic - sapient AI, interstellar travel, terraforming


1-2 - The ancestors of an extant culture.  Their descendants might be proud of their heritage, or entirely

unaware of it.

3 - An extinct humanoid species.  (Remove one race from the "playable" list.)

4 - An extinct non-humanoid species.

Downfall: (1d8)

1- Warfare

2- Environmental catastrophe (natural) - volcanic eruption, natural climate shifts

3- Environmental catastrophe (artificial) - pollution, soil depletion

4- Plague (including famine caused by crops/livestock dying off)

5- Magical disaster - wizards' war, divine wrath

6- Construct uprising (futuristic tech level/high magic setting only)

7- A natural resource (usable metal, fuel) running out

8- A combination of factors - roll twice and combine

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